Lübeck, October 17-18, 2018

Join the newly created Immuno-Oncology international event in Lübeck and exchange about the latest research in immuno-oncology during a comprehensive 2 days workshop.

The program covers basic science developments across the cancer entities focussing on:

  • Emerging immuno-oncology targets,
  • Combination immunotherapies,
  • Preclinical and translational IO,
  • Mechanisms of IO resistence to IO predictive biomarkers,
  • Immunoprofiling,
  • Microbiome-Immuno-Interplay,
  • Personalized cancer vaccines.

Lübeck is a perfect place to network and build collaborations with an international mix of researchers from industry and academia. It offers the opportunity to evaluate emerging technologies, sharing experience, brainstorm on developments and future necessities in IO across industry and academia, and influence next-generation immunotherapy programs.

Prof. Dr. 
Barbara Wollenberg

Prof. Dr.
Ulrich Keilholz

Prof. Dr. 
Claus Belka

Prof. Dr. 
Sven Perner

Prof. Dr. 
Dirk Schadendorf

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